Royal Tower, Palanga

Beauty treatments/procedures

Massage for face (30 min)

15 Eur
Procedure for sensitive, irritating skin “Refreshment”
(facial preparation + scrub + hydrating fluid + maskmask)
23 Eur

Anti-aging immediate effect treatment for Men
(facial preparation + scrub + hydrating fluid + mask)

23 Eur
Anti-wrinkle facial treatment “Be young”
 (facial preparation + scrub + serums + massage + lifting facial mask)
23 Eur

Face procedure by Mary Cohr (France) cosmetics

Deep facial cleaning (90 min) from 25 Eur
Facial masks therapy (60 min) 23 Eur
Luxury firming facial treatment with collagen and hyaluronic acid (60 min)   30 Eur
Eyebrow hair removal and tinting  8 Eur
Hot waxing:
Legs waxing, bikini line, underarms

from 8 Eur